Amerikos spauda rašo apie Neringą Venckienę

Liepos 12 d. JAV Federalinis teismas Čikagoje priims nutarimą dėl Neringos Venckienės ekstradicijos. Ta proga pateikiame  liepos 1 d. straipsnį apie N. Venckienę (anglų k.):

CHICAGO (AP) — A lawmaker for the Illinois district where an ex-Lithuanian parliamentarian and judge lived before being jailed in Chicago at Lithuania’s request has proposed legislation to suspend extradition proceedings until a decision on her political-asylum request.

U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren introduced the bill last week . Lithuania wants 47-year-old Neringa Venckiene (vehn-KEE’-ehn-nay) on slander and other charges stemming from her allegations that a ring of Lithuanian pedophiles victimized her 4-year-old niece.

The Republican’s bill is called the “Give Judge Venckiene Her Day in Court Act.” Venckiene fears those angered by her allegations could kill her in Lithuania. A New Jersey Republican introduced similar legislation.

Venckiene fled Lithuania in 2013, living in Crystal Lake and working as a florist until her February arrest.

A judge is also considering a stay. Venckiene’s next hearing is July 12.

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